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Agata Zaborowski

Artistic Origins


Wine with friends, walks on the beach, coffee with your bestie, and quality alone time. These are the simple things that can bring us tremendous joy. We must pause daily to savour these bursts of positivity, gratitude and the joy that they give us. Agata Zaborowski is a self taught artist who captures these moments and translates them in her own unique style to share with the world.

Renowned international artist Agata Zaborowski's artworks can be found in private collections throughout North America, Europe, and Australia. Agata's wine themed paintings have caught the eye of many prestigious winery's worldwide and her commissioned paintings can be found adorning wine labels around the world.

 Label design by Agata Zaborowski

Custom label artwork designed specifically for your needs. This includes all ownership rights to use as required for advertising media as well as rights to sell the image. Please message for details and pricing. 

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